Dear Supporters,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the APVS 2023 Congress, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your generous support of this important event. We appreciate your commitment to advancing the field of Asian Pig Veterinary and your willingness to contribute to the success of this Congress.

As we prepare for the upcoming sessions, we would like to request your cooperation in ensuring that the meeting runs professionally and efficiently. To this end, we kindly ask that you take note of the following regulation:

“The supporters must ensure that there are no conflicts with other concurrent activities or meetings during the APVS 2023 Congress sessions and social events”

This regulation is important in ensuring that all participants have the opportunity to fully engage with the Congress and benefit from the knowledge and expertise shared by our distinguished speakers and panelists. By avoiding any scheduling conflicts or disruptions, we can ensure that the meeting is of the highest quality and provides a productive and rewarding experience for all attendees.

Once again, thank you for your valuable support of the APVS 2023 Congress. We look forward to a successful and memorable event, and we are grateful for your partnership in making it possible.