We encourage foreign participants to apply for their visas as early as possible for a stress-free preparation.

We also recommend foreign participants to consult or seek advice from your local embassy or overseas mission. They possess the expertise and experience to handle visa-related matters more effectively, ensuring a smooth process.

Countries eligible for Visa-exempt entry

To check if you are eligible for the visa exemption program, please visit here

Brunei, Philippines, Thailand

The countries above are not required for Visa to enter Taiwan (effective until July 31, 2023.) If you would like to enter Taiwan after July 31, 2023, kindly apply for a Visa.

Countries not eligible for Visa-exempt entry

Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Dominica, Ecuador, Kiribati, Kosovo, Kuwait, Mauritius, Montenegro, Nafaro, Oman, Panama, Peru, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. An E-Visa can be obtained easily at low cost. Nationals of the countries above are eligible for an E-Visa. Delegates can apply and pay the required fee online and receive their E-Code to apply E-Visa. For more information, please visit here

For other countries, an e-code is an important key while you apply the E-Visa. If you would like to apply for the E-Visa, please provide the following required documents (clear and legible) by email to APVS Congress Secretariat (Secretariat@apvs2023.org) before June 02, 2023 (GMT+8), application overdue will not be accepted.

  1. Passport Copy (Colored, Clear and legible)
  2. Flight itinerary (issued by an airline company or travel agency)
  3. Hotel reservation (issued by a hotel or travel agency)

Once your e-Code is approved, we will send an e-Code to you for you to apply the E-Visa online, kindly refer to visawebapp.boca.gov.tw to fill out the E-Visa applications and complete the payment of application fee online.

※If you are applying Visa through a travel agency, then you don’t need to provide the above documents to the Congress. Should you need further documents from the Congress, please feel free to contact the Secretariat.

Republic of China (PRC) Passport Holder

At this moment, the Congress is submitting government documents. Once it is approved, the secretariat will assist in the Visa application. Kindly provide the documents below to speed up the process.

1. 申請書填寫:請來信與大會秘書處索取 (請以電子檔案填寫,請勿手寫)
2. 提供︰六個月以上效期之大陸地區護(證)照、大陸地區居民身分證,或足資證明其身分之文件彩色影本
3. 提供︰最近兩年內所拍攝之二吋彩色、脫帽、未戴有色眼鏡,五官清晰、不遮蓋,相片不修改,足資辨識人貌之照片圖檔(jpg.)
4. 提供︰現職之職務證明,與近三年內之工作經歷說明
5. 提供︰收入證明專案執行


Other Information